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This section of our website is intended as a reference and archive for some of the materials and information we have accumulated over the years.

It will be updated periodically with additional articles and photos of work by well known makers as well as the lesser-known individuals and companies who left their mark on the Arts and Crafts Movement. Some as anonymous as their long forgotten monograms, others legends in their own time. One of the wonderful aspects of this business is never knowing where or when new information will surface. As it does, we'll continue to share it with our guests here, in the Reading Room.

The inspiration for this page began with an exhibition at JMW Gallery in March of 1997, Affirmation and Rediscovery, which featured works by members of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts. The catalog for the exhibition included a wide range of material and, as the title suggested, affirmed the reputation of the period's better known designers and offered new insight into some of its lesser known figures. The exhibit was well received by the public and press who viewed it both here in our gallery and during its special showing at the Craftsman Farms Museum in Parsippany, NJ. Entries from this catalog will initially provide the primary source material for the Reading Room. A limited number of copies of the complete original catalog can still be ordered from us for $25.